Seattle Artisan Fragrance Salon 2014 - Immortal Perfumes (Sweet Tea Apothecary) named Best in Salon, Best Aroma, Most Unique, and Best New Product

Thinking about a perfume but feel a little wary about ordering over the internet? Totally understandable. Here are a sampling of testimonials I've received on my Etsy store. Feel free to check Etsy if you'd like to see the most recent and up to date.


- Just got my Lenore!! Love it-- it's mysterious, labyrinthine and slightly somber- without being too dark. More iridescent than black-- more raven's wing than blighted heart.

Georgiana: A smell of lace and pearls and the richly curled hair of fine ladies in an English country manor. Sweet, genteel, dignified, opulent yet intimate, it transports the mind to the chambers of Grandes Dames and the arms of noblemen. As ponies and coaches no longer deliver our parcels, I received this fragrant jewel almost as quickly as the blink of my eye.

- Shipped so ridiculously fast! The packaging was lovely, the Dead Writers itself is staggeringly great -- the kind of scent where you can close your eyes and summon up an image of books and bookshelves in a room where light gets filtered through dust motes. Such a win.

- Wonderful perfume oil, fantastic service from a lovely seller. This arrived in record time from USA, in top condition. Dead Writers itself is fantastic, totally evocative of a dusty library room, hints of cherry, (this will be the heliotrope), gorgeous vanilla pipe tobacco, a steaming teapot and an orange pomander studded with cloves. It's clean, deep, emotional and brave, as a good fragrance should be. So glad I took a chance on this. I doubt there is anything like it in the whole world. Real perfumery talent. Many thanks.

- So pleased! Miraculously arrived in two days over the weekend AND came with an extra perfume thrown in! I LOVE Georgiana and Dead WritersClara Bow feels right for a garden party, and Thoreau is a super earthy heady scent that tapers off and makes me feel like herbalist in the 70s. The packaging was very nice too! I'll definitely shop here again!

- in love!! son immediately claimed maynard..said he had never smelled anything like it before..dead writers is also unbelievable..cant get enough of it..i am so glad i found your store..thank you! : )

- This seller is AMAZING. Not only did my order come within the week, the seller included an extra sample of dead writers perfume for me. AND a discount code! What a lady, am I right?!?! But about the perfume.... Dead Writers- amazing. There's a wonderful spiciness, almost a peppery quality. My sorta boyfriend LOVES this perfume. Stays strong for a good couple hours, then mellows out considerably. Remy- Lovely flowery baby powder scent.Georgiana- flowery, but with a vanilla undertone and slightly tangy. Thoreau- like freshly planted vegetable garden. Victoria- lavender goodness. Pamplemousse- LOVELY. Like grapefruit skin.

Antoinette is a refreshing floral fragrance. An exquisite white shirt scent and very feminine. This would be an ideal fragrance for anyone who doesn't know where to begin with perfumes -- it could be a staple of any woman's collection. It's beautiful. Shipping was very fast and all of my perfumes survived the journey in perfect condition. No damage whatsoever or leakage. I will absolutely recommend Sweet Tea Apothecary to my friends.

- The seller quickly and kindly helped me with a question, then got the order in the mail quicker than I could blink. They got here in record time in the most adorable, user-friendly sample jars I've used yet. Thank you for a great purchasing experience and the opportunity to try your lovely perfumes!

- I'm allergic to most commercial perfumes, so discovering these oils was great. My favorite is the Pampelmousse--I love the grapefruity aroma--but Clara and Dead Writers are unusual and delightful scents as well.

- I recommend getting the sample sets from STA, I started with the 7 sample set and was pleasantly surprised to find more then one that I loved. The samples last a long time because these are quality perfumes that will wear all day.

- I adore all three scents (Remy, Dead Writers, Marie Antoinette). Dead Writers and Remyare especially evocative of fall and I will wear Marie Antoinette in the cold dead heart of winter and maybe I will feel some happiness in its fresh green floral scent. :)

- I tried Antoinette, Georgiana, and Remy. Antoinette is VERY floral, I mostly smell the rose and jasmine...very feminine. Georgiana is a little bit different than anything I've worn before; I think the tea gives it a a uniqueness...a little tangy I suppose. As for Remy, it basically smells like a sophisticated baby powder, which I LOVE. I love powdery scents, and this one is very warm and comforting without being too sweet like many scents with vanilla and amber. My roommate told me it reminded her of Baby Soft, which we both decided we love because it reminds us of childhood when our mothers wore that scent. I will be buying a bottle of the Remy!!! New favorite :)

- I got Maynard for my husband on our wedding day. I love it on him... I can't wait to get more of them for him.

- I chose to wear Clara for my wedding. It was a wonderful, feminine, perfect scent for a Colorado fall wedding. My husband told me he'd never forget that smell. Got it quickly even though I ordered it late! Perfect timing.