RCF LA Show Recap and Link Love

It's no secret that I love Renegade Craft Fair. I participate in 2 to 5 per year, and honestly, I wish it was my everyday job. I get so energized being around other vendors and my customers - my day to day is pretty solitary in my home office. 2017 was not great for me and the enthusiasm of being at the shows surrounded by other artists, creatives and enthusiastic visitors got me out of a major funk.

And this show was no different! Below you'll find a selection of all the things I loved and bought. Sometimes I wonder why I do these shows because I end up spending all the money I make on all the other amazing things there. Treat yourself!

Image from Blonde Peacock

Image from Blonde Peacock

Blonde Peacock

I bought two of these jumpers and let me tell you, they look amazing and are ridiculously comfortable. Jumpsuits are my summer uniform and these are cute and affordable. I bought the feather print in navy blue and the mandala print in black. I'm probably going to order one in the dusty rose color, so pretty!

Image from sheisme

Image from sheisme


These ladies were my booth mates and I'm so glad I was paired with them. They were so sweet and kind and SO TALENTED. I don't even wear earrings often and I had to splurge when I saw these. They are so quirky yet elegant and the witchiness definitely speaks to me. I feel powerful and gorgeous when I wear these. My friends who came by bought a bunch of jewelry from this vendor. Check them out, they have perfect accessories for summer.

Rather Keen

Rather Keen

Rather Keen

Pins! I love pins and Rather Keen has lots of bookish options. The artist is also super nice and we had a fun conversation. Check out his shop, he also does book covers.

I feel pretty cool for the summer thanks to these vendors. You can catch me next at Crafty Wonderland in Portland, RCF Seattle and Portland (if I get in), Urban Craft Uprising Summer, and Seattle Gift Show. I'll update as more shows come up. For the summer I will be sticking to the West Coast but I'll try to make the East Coast when the holidays come around.

New Year, New Signature Scent! Giveaway!

New sign.

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2016...you've certainly been a year. Ring in 2017 with a new signature scent. Enter below to win a gift card (did you know I have gift cards now?!) for a 9ml bottle of perfume.

Don't want to leave things to chance? Here's a special New Years code for 20% off your next purchase (note this only works on my site and not on the gift card site): Bye2016.

As always, thank you so much for your patronage. This is still a one woman operation (because I have control issues) but because of you, it gets bigger every year. The switch to a new name was scary but thanks to your support it was seamless and dare I say, a huge improvement. 



Goodbye STA, Hello Immortal Perfumes!

Sweet Tea Apothecary started out on Etsy in 2012. My first sale was to my Aunt. I didn't initially want to release Dead Writers Perfume because I thought everyone would think I'm weird (probably true). But thanks to your support, kind words written in the press, and overwhelming kindness from people across the globe, STA has grown into a full fledged business sending out more than 100 bottles of perfume and countless sample packs a month to 30 countries around the globe.

This remains a one woman operation (although my 3 year old now slaps on the Fragile stickers - now you know why they're so crooked) but I've increasingly thought about how I could improve my branding and professionalism. In this spirit, I've decided to move on from the name Sweet Tea Apothecary. Dead Writers, La Reine Antoinette, Lenore, and all the other fragrances that you've made your signature scent are not going anywhere. In fact, starting September 23 (Seattle launch party if you're in the PNW!) you'll be able to try out a whole new collection, Literary Lovers. 

Thank you again for all of your support. I truly hope you like the new name and hope that you will help me spread the word. To show my appreciation, let the annual $1 sample sale commence! From now through September 7 all samples will be $1 down from $4. Stock up! 

And check your inbox around September 23...you'll be the first to get Literary Lovers at a special price. Hope you all had a wonderful summer!