Sipping Vinegar, who knew?

IMG_20140526_102246I had never heard of sipping vinegar until I went to the Broadway Farmer's Market this weekend. I was lured into the booth because of the promise of spicy pickled asparagus, which, by the by, was delicious. The man running the booth was handing out little cups of what looked like kombucha and the people he was talking to were very excited. I couldn't hear what he said the concoction was and he wasn't paying attention to me because the women he was talking to looked fancy and rich while I tend to look like I just rolled out of my dorm room bed (I'm almost 30) ANYWAY all I know is I saw free fancy drinks that come from corked bottles and I knew I had to have whatever it was. I grabbed a cup when there was an opening and downed it. Then he told me it was vinegar and I had a sorry/not sorry moment because this was the most delicious vinegar I'd ever accidentally downed. The flavor was Watermelon Violet and it made my heart happy. I immediately knew that I needed some champagne and St. Germaine that I could add this to, stat. I bought the pretty little bottle (the rich ladies did not, I clearly won that round of misjudging your audience) and then went and bought a mini bottle of champagne, Sunday Funday and all. Next week is the baby's first birthday and since her middle name is Violet, I clearly needed to make a special drink with this delightful vinegar to mark the occasion. For the practice round, I poured a little of the vinegar into the bottom of a champagne flute, then poured about half a shot of St. Germaine. I swirled the glass to mix the two and then filled the rest with champagne. I couldn't really taste the vinegar so I poured more in until the glass was rose colored. And friends, let me tell you, the drink was magic - the watermelon and violet was subtle but had this nice sweet, tang. It is hereby named The Claire Violet and I shall drink it often.