New Labels are Here! And I'm Back Open for the Time Being

Dead Writers by Sweet Tea Apothecary 2I opened at 10:30am with 30 bottles of 5ml Dead Writers and 10 of the 10ml bottles. The 10s are long gone, and last I checked, there were 6 bottles of 5ml left. So I'm guessing it will sell out again but don't worry! I have glass bottles and plenty of oil in stock so if it does sell out, it will be back within a few hours or tomorrow. I also added a bigger tin of solid perfume for Dead Writers. It's now a 1/2 ounce. Changes due to everything going on:

First off, I'm no longer offering 10ml bottles of anything. They weren't as popular and they're actually way more expensive (the glass bottle part) than any of the others. Instead, my shop will now have the following three sizes of everything: 5ml, 15ml and 1/2 ounce tins of solid perfume. The Dead Writers solid perfume is $5 more than the other solids. Why? You might ask. It's because it's just so much more popular that I go through the oil a lot quicker. Supply and demand and all.

With the size changes comes pricing changes...again due to supply and demand. All 5ml perfume oils are now $20. The 15ml bottles are $30. All solid perfumes except for Dead Writers are $10. I think that makes everything a lot easier and will better allow me to cover costs of oils because they be expensive y'all.

New female labels sweet tea apothecary

Lastly, I have new labels and they're so pretty! And easy to cut out. And easy to edit. Basically. My life is going to be much easier now. In this post you'll see what the Dead Writers and the feminine labels look like. I still have to fix the male labels (Maynard and Thoreau) but they look like the girl labels only a different color and font. The solid perfume tins for the feminine perfumes will also look like the Dead Writers solid featured above just in that pretty shade of mauve with the fancy Art Deco script.

Hope you like everything!