Seattle City Arts Music Festival While Totally Nauseous

I have not been writing at all the last few weeks, which I'm sure those who follow are surprised about since I can never seem to shut up. Suffice it to say I've been sick and miserable with no sign of improvement, so I'm lazy. OK?

Before I was bedridden (I'm not really bedridden I just cant seem to handle being outside for more than an hour at a time), the music magazine I've been writing for since I graduated college six years ago got me a press pass to the Seattle City Arts Music Festival. I was really excited because I haven't been to Coachella in two years because I'm mad at them, couldn't go to Sasquatch this year because I had to be a good friend and go to a bachelorette party in NYC (not complaining), and worst of all! British Airways gave me a free ticket to England for some random Facebook contest and I was all set to go to Bestival on the Isle of Wight and the evil corporation that they are promptly blacked out basically the entire calendar so I didn't get to go at all. THE PAIN!

But I digress. Seattle City Arts Music Festival! I moved to Seattle in May and I have to tell you Seattle, I am impressed. Your rain situation is not so bad as I was told and you kick San Francisco's ass (last city I lived in which I don't like to talk about because I hated it) in the bands you bring in as well as your bars and nightlife. Also, you're not freezing in the summer which was another big no-no for SF. Even though I'm sick, I knew I had to suck it up and take in as much of the festival as possible. Last night I went to Neumos Crystal Ball Reading Room and caught Brother Ali. I'm not really a rap person but dammit that guy was awesome. His songs actually had a point (like politics!) besides dropping dubs on bitches and other such rap nonsense. Also, I don't know how he breathed because he was just spewing the words out and took no breaks. Because he gave no fucks. And the crowd loved him for it. For my part I stood up against a wall in the corner with easy access to the exit/bathrooms and had sour lozenges in my pocket to dispel the nausea. I also was smart and brought one of those plastic fruit bags from the grocery store in case of a surprise puke attack, but thankfully I didn't need it.

I'm writing a review on the festival at the end of the week so I'll post more details then. Tonight I'm hitting up A Fine Frenzy, Joshua Radin and possibly the Elliott Smith Tribute Show as well as EOTO. The last two are largely dependent on how sick I am, although so far today I seem better. Maybe I'll see you there? I'll be the one standing in the corner with a plastic bag sucking on lollipops.