Writing, Writing, Writing

I have not yet started selling Pemberley and my three newest, Archibald, Madame Moustache, and VIII are sitting on the counter waiting for me to get it together. After all the baby's activities - music class, story time, and baby French class (yes I'm one of those people) - it's hard to concentrate on the perfumes when I've been so excited about writing again. It all started when I read a YA book over Christmas travels. The book hit a nerve with me because I have written two unfinished YAs and it got me thinking...now's the time. Especially because my YA genre is still on the outskirts of what's popular but I definitely see the trend heading in its direction. I have three friends working on novels so I've been long distance workshopping with them. Not only that, but Seattle has a very strong writing community. I'm taking a class at Hugo House right now where I've met several really cool people with similar goals so hopefully more eyes to help me work out my manuscript's kinks.

The one I'm working on right now, was originally written in 2010 during Nanowrimo. I left it alone for a while because the subject matter was still very raw to me, but now that I've had some distance, this is the year I've decided to get it out there. It's a fairy tale - sort of Neil Gaiman hanging out with the Brothers Grimm type thing about a teenager on a journey to the underworld. I enjoy it. The other one I will edit when the first is complete is a steam punk story that grew out of a short story I wrote for the Machine of Death franchise. I didn't get in to my great sadness, but that's a good thing because the novel that came out of it's ashes is way cooler.

Anyway, perfume releases are on the horizon but taking a backseat to some creative endeavors I want to take on this year. The perfumes I talked about in the first paragraph will come out within the month but after that I won't be releasing anything new for a while.