Goodbye STA, Hello Immortal Perfumes!

Sweet Tea Apothecary started out on Etsy in 2012. My first sale was to my Aunt. I didn't initially want to release Dead Writers Perfume because I thought everyone would think I'm weird (probably true). But thanks to your support, kind words written in the press, and overwhelming kindness from people across the globe, STA has grown into a full fledged business sending out more than 100 bottles of perfume and countless sample packs a month to 30 countries around the globe.

This remains a one woman operation (although my 3 year old now slaps on the Fragile stickers - now you know why they're so crooked) but I've increasingly thought about how I could improve my branding and professionalism. In this spirit, I've decided to move on from the name Sweet Tea Apothecary. Dead Writers, La Reine Antoinette, Lenore, and all the other fragrances that you've made your signature scent are not going anywhere. In fact, starting September 23 (Seattle launch party if you're in the PNW!) you'll be able to try out a whole new collection, Literary Lovers. 

Thank you again for all of your support. I truly hope you like the new name and hope that you will help me spread the word. To show my appreciation, let the annual $1 sample sale commence! From now through September 7 all samples will be $1 down from $4. Stock up! 

And check your inbox around September'll be the first to get Literary Lovers at a special price. Hope you all had a wonderful summer!

Mid-winter Updates

2016 is in full swing...I know this because I have meetings almost every night and a steady flow of orders and show appearances for all of the perfume fans out there. Life is good! Here are some store updates for you.


Upcoming shows:

February 12: Covet Valentine's Pop Up at The Cleaners at the Ace Hotel in Portland.

March 30 - April 2: AWP Conference Bookfair, Booth #554 located in Downtown Los Angeles

New Perfumes for 2016

Be excited. If you're a reader, the new perfumes will certainly delight you. They will be debuted at the AWP Bookfair so if you're in LA you will be the first to sample. I can't tell you more yet because they're still cooking in the lab but if you're not signed up for the newsletter yet, sign up to be the first to hear about their release. - UPDATE: These won't be at AWP after all...they will debut closer to summer.

Perfume Oil Sprays

I'm bringing back the vintage bulb atomizers with an all new alcohol free formula! Look out for the new spray bottles in the coming weeks. They will be on hand in Portland on February 12.

New Stockist

I'm incredibly excited to announce that my hometown of Culver City, CA has the nation's first entirely romance themed bookstore...and they are carrying some of STA's perfumes! The Ripped Bodice opens in March.

Price Changes + Shipping Increases

Don't hate me too much but after keeping prices the same for two years I've had to do a slight increase after the soul crushing work of doing my taxes and inventory lol. Samples have gone up by $1 and are now $4 a piece. 9ml has gone up by $2 to $30. 15ml has the most dramatic increase because it was purposely priced lower than it should have been to encourage sales when I was starting out. It is now $50. The perfume oil sprays which are roughly 50ml will retail for $90 (they are so pretty!).

Shipping increases are thanks to USPS which hike their prices every January. These didn't change too much for US customers (I think about 50 cents) but they went up by about $4 for international customers (sorry international friends).

My heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported this shop since it opened in 2012. Every year has gotten bigger and better (which is what you want in a small business!) and I'm so thankful to each and every one of you whether you're here to buy perfume, learn how to make your own, or you come out to visit me in person at shows. Always feel free to contact me for any new perfume requests! - JT

New Perfumes! Summer Shows! Exclamation Points!

As some of you know, I've been working on a novel. I wrote it in 2010, put it in a box under my bed (my hard drive), and every year I have a few months where I feverishly revise. If you've been wondering what my deal has been lately, it was that. Luckily it's just about done and is actually being looked at by an agent as we speak *fingers crossed*

I am finally coming out of the writing haze and getting back to perfumes. I don't seem to be capable of doing both at once - my creativity has limits unfortunately. HOWEVER, the new perfumes are magnificent and I am once again energized to get back to the important work of making the world a better smelling place.

The newbs will be debuting in Los Angeles at Renegade Craft Fair on July 11 and 12, Booth 129. You will definitely be able to smell them but at this time I'm not sure how many bottles I will have available for sale so get there early if you want to snag one.

The next show is in Seattle on August 1 and 2, also Renegade Craft. I will probably have more of the new bottles available at this point. My New York City show will be September 11, 12, and 13. The first day of that show is specifically for wholesale / boutique store buyers so if you own a shop or have a friend that does please stop by and pick up a linesheet.

 And now...the unveiling of the four newest members of my perfume collection, can you guess who each is?

Ka'iulani, Lady Day, Sylvia, Death in the Afternoon

These will be available for sale on both of my online stores beginning August 3. Sign up for the newsletter for updates!

Hope to see you in LA, Seattle, or New York!

Gather 'round, it's history time for my new perfumes

Remember when I used to write about history? Probably not because it's been sooo long. Well, I'm about to fix that because I have 4 brand new perfume tributes to let you know about! Madame MoustacheA Perfumed Oil for Fancy Ladies & Gentlemen of Exceptional Quality

On the American Frontier you needed backbone and sheer wit to not only survive, but prosper. Eleonore Alphonsine Dumont, aka Madame Moustache, had both in stride. Originally born in France (at least that's what she claimed), Dumont was a notorious gambler hustling her way through mining camps and gambling houses in the West. She amassed a small fortune only to lose it all to a man of charm, but little substance. With dogged determination Dumont upped her gambling efforts and started her own gambling house "Vingt-et-un" (21) a saloon for stylish gents, no women, save for herself, allowed. Her charm made her the perfect, unassuming gambler, and with the addition of running a brothel, she found her fortune back in excess. When her beauty faded she became known as Madame Moustache, owing to a line of dark hair on her lip - which she wore with pride.

Madame Moustache Perfume Oil contains notes of tobacco pipe, vegan Egyptian musk, fire, and vanilla. This alluring scent is meant for fancy ladies and well kept gents, and smells like a warm campfire.

VIII: A Cologne Oil Worthy of Kingly Pursuits

Before he became the rotund, belligerent king of his twilight years, young King Henry VIII was a stylish youth deeply interested in the arts, education, sport, and was a devout Catholic called a Defender of the Faith by Pope Leo X. As the second son of Henry VII, he was never expected to become king, but when he did, he did so with lavish excess and cultivated an image of a Renaissance man. Henry VIII's obsession with producing a male heir (partly his own vanity, and partly a desire to avoid another War of the Roses) is what led to the two things he is widely known for: the English Reformation and his six wives.

England's most famous king had a soft spot for the finer things in life and was said to wear a concoction of ambergris and civet, two of the finest scents of the time. This cologne oil inspired by the illustrious Tudor has notes of ambergris, belladonna, clovebud, tobacco, bay leaf, fire, and Peru balsam.

Archibald MensiesA Cologne Oil for Explorers of Merit & Other Fearless Pursuits

Back in the 1700s there was still a large swath of Earth left unexplored, especially in the New World. Archibald Menzies was a Scottish surgeon who moonlighted as a botanist and naturalist. He was hired aboard George Vancouver's HMS Discovery that traveled around the world and is of particular note here in Seattle as they were some of the first to explore Puget Sound. Like Charles Darwin, who wasn't even born until 15 years after the Discovery expedition, Archibald Menzies documented plant life and cultivated seeds. He discovered the Douglas Fir and brought/planted orange seeds in Hawaii (still there to this day) for future ships stopping there to port (oranges helped with scurvy).

This cologne oil features blood orange, oak moss, Egyptian musk, tobacco, and fir. Dab some on your wrist and go exploring.

Beatrix PotterA Dead Writers Perfume

Beatrix Potter was the author and illustrator of the beloved children's story, The Tale of Peter Rabbit. She was born to a wealthy Victorian family and after summering in the Lake District as a child, she began her lifelong work as a naturalist and conservationist. Using the royalty money from the success of her book she bought Hill Top Farm and surrounding areas in an effort to keep the English countryside pristine.

In Peter Rabbit she wrote, “Peter was not very well during the evening. His mother put him to bed, and made some chamomile tea: "One table-spoonful to be taken at bedtime.” This perfume was created after reading these lines to my own child. Beatrix has notes of moss, blue spruce, dragon's blood, fire, earth, and chamomile. It has a wonderful green scent with the light floral of the chamomile headnote.

Let me know how you like them! is here...and well...just look at it!

Today is the grand opening of! Hooray! There are three super cool things going on right now to celebrate such as a discount code for 20% off, a giveaway, and three saucy new perfumes. Get in on the action, here. So what does this new site mean? A couple of things.

My Etsy shop is not going away, but I am going to be focusing more on Why? Because I have a lot more control over it, better features that make my life easier (and cool technology such as the giveaway!!). Etsy is rad, but I'm growing and need to stay with it. Other cool thing: with my new site, if something sells out you can pre-order it instead of having to check back 24/7. Technology!

This blog will still exist, but I am going to be migrating some of my old posts to the new site. I will also post less on here and more on the new site's blog. So if you're interested in following that one, you can RSS or bookmark. The link for the new blog is here.

If you're a regular customer, you may be wondering what the deal is with the new site's layout. So glad you asked, because I think it is far superior.

1. Sample packs come in collections now. I still have the "You pick 3" pack, but now I have the honest to God complete pack so you don't have to add or subtract anything if you're a perfume junkie. There are also different perfume sample packs that correspond with themes. So if you want Unisex/Men's, there's a pack for that. Historical Queens? Check out the Pomp & Circumstance sample pack. Only care for Dead Writers? The Dead Writers pack is extra awesome because it has two brand new perfumes!! Basically, there's a lot more pack options which will help minimize confusion on both the customer's end as well as mine, and will allow for me to make packs ahead of time so I can speed up processing times. Sample packs are still free to ship domestically (sorry international friends).

2. You no longer have to look in 5 different places to find each version of the perfume you want! Each perfume has one page that gives the perfume's details and story. There is a drop down for 5ml, 15ml, and Solid. AND THAT'S IT!!

3. You can sign up for newsletters so you know about all the sales, promotions and giveaways. Speaking of giveaways, if you've already checked out the link above, you know that we don't have to do a ghetto Etsy convo and maybe I still have something for you. The giveaways are now automated and winners will be notified via email. At that point you can give me your address and boom...I ship you your freebie. I also have the technology to do rewards programs...but baby steps on that one. I'm amazed I've gotten this much done. And before I forget, if you do sign up for the newsletter, I will only be sending them when stuff is going on. So if there's a sale, giveaway or new perfume being released, you'll get an email. I promise not to email you every time I have a thought. That's what Facebook is for as I'm sure those who follow have already figured out.

I think that's it for now. I've had a migraine all day and I'm up past my bed time so please forgive the rambling. Hope you like the new site, and even if you don't or you see something wrong...drop me a line. Feedback welcome :) Just not about my pictures. You guys know I'm terrible at photography. I had a meltdown about how much I suck at taking pictures today so I think considering, they turned out pretty ok enough.

Now I'm done. G'nite.