My babies are going off to college

IMG_20140121_203249Well, not really. But there is a really prestigious organization giving out awards for independent perfumers. I'm sending my little beauties off into the world to be judged. Hopefully I'll be a finalist but even if not, I'm really proud that I've grown confident enough to even believe that my stuff is worthy of something like this. I was telling someone recently that I've never published any writing (other than my old music reviews) because I was too afraid people wouldn't like it or think it's good enough. I do that every day with my perfumes and sometimes I don't hear what I want to hear, but overall it's been positive. Here's to hoping something good comes of it all! **Dharma Bum & Lenore. They had to be perfumes launched last year and Dead Writers is from 2012. At first I was worried because DW is so popular...but I'm going to be honest, Dharma Bum runs circles around DW. It's 1000x more awesome.**