Holiday 2015 Gift Guide!

The best part about being a part of the handmade community is traveling around to craft shows in different cities. Here are some of my favorite finds from my 2015 craft show circuit.

Tea Drops

Being a big tea drinker, this is one of my favorite finds ever. The tea leaves are ground and compressed into different shapes so you put it right in the hot water, dissolve, and drink! My favorite is the Rose Earl Grey but you can get an assortment box.

Bath Bombs and Lotion Scrubs

Baltic and Pine had the genius idea of putting their scrubs in the bathrooms to sample. They were all so scrumptious I went and found their booth and bought the Vintage Rose Lotion Scrub for me, three bath bombs for my teenage cousins, and a dinosaur egg bath bomb for my two year old. We haven't used it yet but they told me there's a dinosaur toy inside!

Copper Tin Candles

I'm not really into candles but these beauties by The Wicked Boheme caught my eye and my nose! I bought Mermaid, London Fog, Fireside, and Jardin. I wish I could say they were all gifts but I think I'm keeping them for me. Added bonus, Fireside smells similar to my perfume Madame Moustache which is my favorite!

Man Jewelry (Mewelery?)

Dee de Lara makes really cool jewelry featuring things like chandelier crystals and keys. My husband is into that Johnny Depp look with his necklaces so I ordered the above bracelet as a custom necklace. He's going to love it!

Jewelry for Meeeee!

Made by Graham makes super mod geometric pieces and she was busy constantly throughout the entire show. She was kind enough to trade some perfume (Madame Moustache and Lenore) for this gorgeous necklace which I've been wearing nonstop since - totally my style. All of her pieces are reasonably priced, delicate, and pretty!

If you're looking to give perfume as gifts you can never go wrong with a sample pack. Last day to order in time for Christmas (USA) is December 17 or you can get a digital gift card anytime. Happy holidays!

A Handmade Holiday Gift Guide

[embed][/embed]I feel that these days I begin every blog post with an apology for not having written in a hot minute. This post will continue that tradition. I'm sorry. It's been since August. I've missed you too. First things first for my regular customers: Sweet Tea Apothecary will be having a Cyber Monday sale. It will be the last sale of the year so it's a great time to stock up. You can get 30% off all bottles of perfume with code TDAY14 on Monday December 1. This offer applies to all bottles (not samples, solids, or candles). Secondly, on Cyber Monday I will also be debuting a SUPER limited number of solid perfume compacts seen in the lead picture. I only have five ovals and four round so it's first come first serve. Unlike the ones I used to sell these are just compacts for your purse or vanity, not jewelry. The last thing you should know is that when STA returns from a scheduled close from December 15-January 5...Victoria, Clara, and Maynard will no longer be in stock. This is to make room for new perfumes and colognes. You'll still be able to order them but they will probably become a seasonal fixture in the Spring and Summer and will no longer be included in sample packs.

Onward to the gift guide!

This has been the year of Craft Shows for me. I participated in a bunch in cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. Here are some of my favorite vendors that I bought from, worked with, or talked to.


I traded perfume for this beautiful necklace by Heron and Lamb.

Glass cluster ring by Urban Revisions

I have a black lace necklace like the one above by Topiary Designs. I love her, she is my show buddy.



Red Prairie Press, handmade clothes. I have this print in a t-shirt. Love her sweaters and pocket dresses too.


Treat yourself to fine leather goods by Hammer & Hyde my booth mate at Renegade NYC.


Love this food print by Katie Copeland Illustration.

Lord and Little makes adorable toys, pillows, etc for babies. They don't have a lot up in their shop right now but check out the adorable Christmas decorations in their other storefront Haus and Home.

Baby girl about lost her mind when I presented this bear made by Finkelsteins.


My uncle loved these little planters by Concrete Geometric. The ones I got had gold paint along the edges.

DIY terrarium kit by makerskit.


I love pickles. ESPECIALLY THESE ONES. They also have cauliflower, green beans, beets, onions, carrots. So yum. These are also show buddies, very nice people. Buy some Pernicious Pickles.

T-We Tea is both delicious and hilariously named.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! Thank you as always for being wonderful and supportive. I'm so happy to have met a lot of you over the course of my travels. See you in 2015!!