Holiday 2015 Gift Guide!

The best part about being a part of the handmade community is traveling around to craft shows in different cities. Here are some of my favorite finds from my 2015 craft show circuit.

Tea Drops

Being a big tea drinker, this is one of my favorite finds ever. The tea leaves are ground and compressed into different shapes so you put it right in the hot water, dissolve, and drink! My favorite is the Rose Earl Grey but you can get an assortment box.

Bath Bombs and Lotion Scrubs

Baltic and Pine had the genius idea of putting their scrubs in the bathrooms to sample. They were all so scrumptious I went and found their booth and bought the Vintage Rose Lotion Scrub for me, three bath bombs for my teenage cousins, and a dinosaur egg bath bomb for my two year old. We haven't used it yet but they told me there's a dinosaur toy inside!

Copper Tin Candles

I'm not really into candles but these beauties by The Wicked Boheme caught my eye and my nose! I bought Mermaid, London Fog, Fireside, and Jardin. I wish I could say they were all gifts but I think I'm keeping them for me. Added bonus, Fireside smells similar to my perfume Madame Moustache which is my favorite!

Man Jewelry (Mewelery?)

Dee de Lara makes really cool jewelry featuring things like chandelier crystals and keys. My husband is into that Johnny Depp look with his necklaces so I ordered the above bracelet as a custom necklace. He's going to love it!

Jewelry for Meeeee!

Made by Graham makes super mod geometric pieces and she was busy constantly throughout the entire show. She was kind enough to trade some perfume (Madame Moustache and Lenore) for this gorgeous necklace which I've been wearing nonstop since - totally my style. All of her pieces are reasonably priced, delicate, and pretty!

If you're looking to give perfume as gifts you can never go wrong with a sample pack. Last day to order in time for Christmas (USA) is December 17 or you can get a digital gift card anytime. Happy holidays!

Gearing Up For Craft Fairs

I just found out that I will be vending my delicious little scents at Etsy Rain's Holiday Handmade Show on Black Friday at the Seattle Center. Yup. My first craft fair. And it's on Black Friday. Go big or go home, y'all. I'm still waiting to hear about a second show I applied to which, as fate would have it, is only two weeks later. I'm going to be a busy little perfume bee the next three months which is actually good because it will distract me from the depression everyone has been telling me I'll experience due to my first winter in Seattle. It's just win win.

If you're in Seattle and want to shop handmade this holiday season, maybe check out Etsy Rain's show. We can talk and become best friends, you read my blog after all.