My First Craft Show! EtsyRain's Handmade Holiday Show

I did it! I survived my first craft show. I've been a sickling on and off for the past few months so I was really nervous about my ability to handle being on the floor for seven hours per day, two days straight, but my body gave me a reprieve and I was ok! I got to network with a bunch of other super talented Etsians, made a few trades, supported other shops, and met fellow Pacific Northwest Perfumers. That in addition to talking to all the enthusiastic supporters of handmade who visited my booth!


Gearing Up For Craft Fairs

I just found out that I will be vending my delicious little scents at Etsy Rain's Holiday Handmade Show on Black Friday at the Seattle Center. Yup. My first craft fair. And it's on Black Friday. Go big or go home, y'all. I'm still waiting to hear about a second show I applied to which, as fate would have it, is only two weeks later. I'm going to be a busy little perfume bee the next three months which is actually good because it will distract me from the depression everyone has been telling me I'll experience due to my first winter in Seattle. It's just win win.

If you're in Seattle and want to shop handmade this holiday season, maybe check out Etsy Rain's show. We can talk and become best friends, you read my blog after all.


Greatest Testimonial Ever Written? Yes.

This gem of an Etsy feedback came in regarding my Georgiana perfume. This brave soul bought a 5ml bottle without having sampled it. Here's what she had to say: A smell of lace and pearls and the richly curled hair of fine ladies in an English country manor. Sweet, genteel, dignified, opulent yet intimate, it transports the mind to the chambers of Grandes Dames and the arms of noblemen. As ponies and coaches no longer deliver our parcels, I received this fragrant jewel almost as quickly as the blink of my eye.

I'm pretty sure we're destined to be best friends.