In Which I Discuss the Importance of Huffing

A typical scene my husband comes home to includes me hunched over a coffee table I've re-appropriated as a lap desk sniffing roughly ten open bottles of essential oils in different formations. Frasier, or the like, is usually playing in the background. Husband: What are you doing?

Me: Creating!

Husband: How does one create by huffing?

Me: [leaning down to take another huff of four isolated bottles] One creates by huffing because it is through huffing that one knows what combinations of oil smell good together without wasting pipettes and bottles. It's all very environmental. [gets up to greet him] Woa, I'm dizzy.

That's right. Step one of my perfume making process includes huffing until I find the right combination. Actually, I should back up. Huffing is actually step 1.5. Before I begin anything I think about what kind of perfume I want to create. Is this more of an Anne Boleyn or Kathrine Parr? These are important questions. Knowing what scent I want to achieve narrows down the pool of oils I will test together. From there I grab all the EOs (essential oils) I think would work in such a scent and sniff the combinations until I find one that works. And that my friends, is when I stop being cheap with the pipettes and tester vials.