Blah & Other Mediocrities

Today is certainly a day. I've got bad allergies which means bad headache and my cat, Bowie Stardust, won't stop howling. She wants to play with a mouse that is attached by string to a stick and this can only be satisfied by me getting up and waving it around for her to pounce. Except, every time I put it down thinking she's had enough, the howling starts again as she drags the mouse around in her mouth, the stick flailing behind her. Then the other cat, Thackeray Binx, wants in on the action and so they start fighting and just WHERE DOES IT END?!

Ok rage over. It's not that bad of a day. I spent the morning driving around Seattle en route to Bellevue to tutor a 10 year old student who looks like Harry Potter if Harry Potter was born in India. That is to say, adorable. The skies over Seattle are quite grey but also very beautiful, especially when some sunlight peaks through. Later today I have an interview to become the teacher of record to a homeschooled 9th grader. That would be dope because then I would have a "job" and be able to spend a lot of time working on my perfumes and writing. Steampunk doesn't write itself, folks.

Oh yeah and just because I like you, I'm having a sale in my shop. 15% off all Eau de Parfums. I'm gearing up for the craft show circuit and need to make a whole lot of inventory so step one is getting rid of the stragglers so I can refill some bottles. I could buy more, but you know how I feel about the environment. Code SprayAug12 at checkout, y'all.

Perfumed Procrastination

Last night I went to my first show since moving to Seattle. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, a DJ from England, in case you're interested. (His real name is Orlando Higginbottom! Straight outta Shakespeare that dude.) I used to be a music reviewer in Los Angeles, another random job of mine, so I was going through concert withdrawals.

The purpose of me telling you this is that as a consequence of getting my dance on last night, I didn't roll out of bed til like 2pm today. Between taking at least six vitamins and stumbling to 7-11 for some V8, I got nothing done today. As you can see in the picture, I had some oils ready for testing, but the oils have sadly remained unopened.

Lucky for me, tomorrow is actually the day in which my new concoctions need to have carrier oils added. Tomorrow I will be writing a tutorial on how to make your own natural perfumes. Check back if you're interested.