New Perfumes! Summer Shows! Exclamation Points!

As some of you know, I've been working on a novel. I wrote it in 2010, put it in a box under my bed (my hard drive), and every year I have a few months where I feverishly revise. If you've been wondering what my deal has been lately, it was that. Luckily it's just about done and is actually being looked at by an agent as we speak *fingers crossed*

I am finally coming out of the writing haze and getting back to perfumes. I don't seem to be capable of doing both at once - my creativity has limits unfortunately. HOWEVER, the new perfumes are magnificent and I am once again energized to get back to the important work of making the world a better smelling place.

The newbs will be debuting in Los Angeles at Renegade Craft Fair on July 11 and 12, Booth 129. You will definitely be able to smell them but at this time I'm not sure how many bottles I will have available for sale so get there early if you want to snag one.

The next show is in Seattle on August 1 and 2, also Renegade Craft. I will probably have more of the new bottles available at this point. My New York City show will be September 11, 12, and 13. The first day of that show is specifically for wholesale / boutique store buyers so if you own a shop or have a friend that does please stop by and pick up a linesheet.

 And now...the unveiling of the four newest members of my perfume collection, can you guess who each is?

Ka'iulani, Lady Day, Sylvia, Death in the Afternoon

These will be available for sale on both of my online stores beginning August 3. Sign up for the newsletter for updates!

Hope to see you in LA, Seattle, or New York!

You, Me, San Francisco, Thursday.

Hey all, I'll be presenting at this trunk show...copy and pasting this from our community blog:

The wonderful perfumers featured in the Pacific Northwest Indie Fragrance Criterion will be onsite at San Francisco's Tigerlily Perfumery with their beautiful handcrafted perfumes! Come by to meet . . . 


Guests will enjoy perfume tribute cocktails and a 10% discount on all scents in the shop. For more information and to RSVP, go here. To learn more about the perfumers presenting, check out Sweet Anthem's 5 Questions interviews. Lastly, for a review of all featured scents, check out this write up on Australian Perfume Junkies.

Off to LA!

I'm off to LA tomorrow to participate in my first Renegade Craft Fair! I'm pretty nervous as it's the largest I've participated in... and I'm following it up with the same show in San Francisco the week after because I'm crazy.

It's been a joy making perfumes for you and talking to you on here, Facebook, and via email. I hope you have an amazing holiday... and maybe I'll see some of you over the next two weeks?!


Renegade Los Angeles - Dec. 14 & 15; Booth 148 Renegade San Francisco - Dec. 21 & 22; Booth 241

Smell Dead Writers & All My Other Perfumes This Holiday!

As many of you know, I've been moving at a snail's pace since my baby was born in May. Well I'm happy to announce that I've been feeling much better and have more energy so I'm going to be ramping up production again AND hitting the craft show circuit this winter! For any fans in Seattle, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, save yourself a step and stop by Sweet Tea Apothecary's booth to check out all my perfumes in person. I will be at the following shows selling perfumes and ready to chat:

Seattle EtsyRain - November 29 & 30

Renegade Los Angeles - December 14 & 15

Renegade San Francisco - December 21 & 22

I will try to make Renegade Brooklyn next summer for any East Coast fans out there. If you know of a good craft fair in your city, drop me a line. I'm always looking for new opportunities.

My First Craft Show! EtsyRain's Handmade Holiday Show

I did it! I survived my first craft show. I've been a sickling on and off for the past few months so I was really nervous about my ability to handle being on the floor for seven hours per day, two days straight, but my body gave me a reprieve and I was ok! I got to network with a bunch of other super talented Etsians, made a few trades, supported other shops, and met fellow Pacific Northwest Perfumers. That in addition to talking to all the enthusiastic supporters of handmade who visited my booth!