Beer Soap Exists, and it is a Delight

One thing that didn't occur to me (but probably should have) when I opened up a shop on Etsy was that I would want to buy everything. There are some genuinely amazing products and sellers on the site and it's so hard not to click the Paypal button. Sometimes I don't heed the little voice saying, "Stop! You're here to sell, not to dip into your profits!" One such example of not heeding that annoying voice, was a recent purchase from Tin Roof Soap Co., an Etsy shop hailing from Houston, Texas. You see, what sets her (owner, Sara James) apart from all the masses of soap sellers on Etsy are two things (at least for me):

1. Awesome old time-y packaging


While perusing her shop, the Beer Soap immediately jumped off the page, for obvious reasons. I could sit here and tell you that I bought the bar of Beer Soap ($6) because I wanted an all natural vegan soap and to support small business, and while I like the idea of all those things, it's effing Beer Soap. I needed to have that in my life. Another thought running through my mind is that my husband couldn't get mad at me for spending money on Beer Soap as that directly benefits him! This is just how my mind works.

So now I'm here to review this delightfully hoppy bar of lather. Disclaimer: I know absolutely nothing about soap, but I do know about life. So here are some stories about Beer Soap.

I do not use bars of soap. Ever. I hate the residue they leave on your skin, it always dries me out because I have world's fairest most sensitive skin. I pretty much only buy gel soap that has moisturizing power level 10. That said, when I placed the order, I thought this little bar was going to be a novelty relegated to the guest use pile. WRONG!

When I bought the soap, Sara James (she has one of those awesome names where you have to say the whole thing) told me that it works great as shampoo too. I laughed at her witchcraft. The package came and I giggled with delight about the old time-y feel and immediately wanted to copy her packaging. Inside was a beautifully wrapped bar of Rosemary Beer Soap and two samples. I'm not sure what the samples are but they smell kind of licorice-y and are also very nice.

I decided to give the Beer Soap the old college try (which sounds very ironic). I took it to the shower and used it all over. I was initially very surprised at how milky and smooth it was. It didn't have that rough, dry feeling that most soap bars have. I didn't feel sticky! It was grand. The smell itself is a more pleasant scent of straight beer. You're not going to smell like Budweiser. You'll smell like a nice Hefeweisen with orange slice. It's hoppy and works well with the rosemary, slightly herbaceous and floral.

Because I like to live dangerously, I decided to heed her advice and try it out on my hair. I had reservations of course, the first being that I'm kind of an idiot in the common sense department and didn't know how to use it on my hair. I initially just rubbed the bar on my head like I was hitting myself with a brick. Dumb. The second reservation was that I have purple hair. When you have bright color treatments like that, they basically fade with each wash (literally the purple drips out of your hair). I didn't know how a bar of soap would fare against my beloved hair color (I feel more me with purple hair, I'm weird). Thought I, "This is not specially formulated for color-treated hair like that Pantene bottle over there." When I got smart and started rubbing the Beer Soap in my hands, I was shocked at how well it lathers. It really IS a shampoo. It lathered better than my regular stuff. I washed my hair and shockingly, there was only a tiny bit of drainage of the purple. Seriously. I went to put conditioner in after the Beer Soap, and that's when the purple started to pour out like it was trying to escape or something. It WAS trying to escape. Trying to escape from that lying, overly chemical Pantene bottle.

So my thoughts on Beer Soap: This little guy is more than a novelty. It's a creamy soap that has great moisturizing properties, even on sensitive skin. It's a wonderful shampoo and has a great scent - a fine craft beer on a summer day. So maybe buy some beer soap?