Woa, I'm Actually Busy.

My etsy shop has steadily been increasing in views and sales over the last two weeks. This is super amazing happy fantastic! I started selling July 6 and have hit 31 sales, I'm told this is good for a new shop so yay me! Today started out normal enough with an IM conversation with my husband. We basically only hang out together and when he's at work we talk all day online. We need to set more boundaries.

Husband: [IMing] Hey. http://www.amazon.co.uk/BIC-For-Amber-Medium-Ballpoint/dp/B004FTGJUW/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

i think we might need to get you some BIC For Her pens :P
 me: haha wtf
  why does there need to be a girl version of a pen?
  there were lots of marketing meetings involved
  i can just see them now
Husband: yep
  they were like, our studies show that women aren't buying our pens
  they're just losing the ones their husbands buy
 me: hahahahhahaha
  wait, RUDE!

Pretty much immediately after this transpired I received a rush order for two solid perfumes and a cologne oil. I've talked to you about Maynard before, well he is my pride and joy. I like Maynard more than my perfumes I think. I don't know I change my mind on which I like best pretty much every day. That lovely photo above is today's work. Between that and a few other random orders I had to fill, I was counting drops of oil all day. Totally not complaining, I love my home business.

And then because we prefer things to go full circle with closure, I received this IM around 4:30pm after we hadn't spoken in about two hours.

Husband: Since I received these pens, I've been spending a lot more time down in the basement, formerly my 'rec room' - now my cosy little writing boudoir. I giddily wile away the hours in a flounce of feathers, pearls and potpourri, but all the time writing, writing, writing. Sometimes, I'm Maeve Binchley, or Virginia Andrews. Other times, I'm in a more subtle, sophisticated mood. Then, I put on my night vision goggles and bam! Margaret Atwood is prowling through my cellar.But it's the simple pleasures that remain consistently best. I start with a quick tuck, a smidge of tape, some coral red lipstick, a nipple ornament that looks like a chandelier designed by a drunk french hippy. Then I slink up and down in front of my full length mirror dressed only in a boa, and brandishing a BIC For Her. Intense. So hot."I'd write me. I'd write me soooooo hard."

Apparently that's a real review for Bic's lady pens. Maybe go buy some?