On the Importance of Planning and Why I Fail At It

Last week was a pretty good week for me - I found out that one of the articles I've written will be re-published on a bigger website with more traffic than lowly me could ever hope to acquire on my own, and I was notified that my shop was given a positive review by a respected perfumista (out this Fall). If this was Tumblr, this would be the part where I include a gif of Michael Scott dancing or something. Feeling validated and confident, I sang my own praises from mountaintops (my apartment, to my husband, Facebook friends, and cats). And then my husband said, "That sounds like a big bump in traffic that's coming your way in the next two months. Do you have enough inventory? Are you prepared?"

Me: [Long pause] You're right. A perfume storm is a'brewing (yes I really do speak like that).

So I ran to the other side of the room and busted out all the perfume ingredients and set to work. For two days, I counted drops on six different perfumes. Realizing that I had run out of two ingredients, I rented a Zipcar and made my way to the supply store here in Seattle where I proceeded to buy at least $70 worth of oil that wasn't on the list. When I got home, I realized that I had not done a proper inventory of my most used essential oils. Mid-pour, the painful truth presented itself. I was 80 drops short of Tahitian Vanilla!

I wanted to kick myself. I can understand if I run out of Morrocan Rose or Saffron if I'm not paying attention, but vanilla?! WTF, me? Vanilla is one of the most basic, universally loved ingredients in fragrances. Some snooty people say that an affinity for vanilla is the mark of an undeveloped palette. To which I say, if people like vanilla then what the hell does it matter?

But yeah, planning. Excel sheets. File Folders. I need all of these things.