My Day at LACMA

There are a million things I miss about living in LA but probably the place that tops the list is LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). For a while I lived walking distance away in Hancock Park off Wilshire and would pop by to walk around the grounds or see whatever live music KRCW was playing in the courtyard. On my last visit to LA to show off my perfumes, I took some time to check out their new exhibits Rain Room (which is funny since I live in Seattle now) and Frank Gehry, patron saint of LA architecture. I went in the morning by myself before the show and here are some photos, magical!

A Bit of Whimsy for Your Weekend - New Zealand Style

My friend alerted me to this awesome from the sheep laden hills of New Zealand. A cartoon paper drawn onto the hillside? Trick photography? Nope, just some Kiwi artistry. In fact, how is this not in a Flight of the Conchords song yet?

This sculpture is by Neil Dawson and is featured in a private arts park called Gibbs Farm. You can read more about it at NPR. Time for a trip to Lord of the Rings Land, wouldn't you say?