AIX Scent Fair at the Hammer Museum

I got invited to showcase my perfumes with 40 other indie perfumers at the first ever AIX Scent Fair at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. I seem to have a bad case of impostor syndrome and assumed I would only sell a few bottles if anything what with all the competition and all... And then I sold out of basically everything. So I'm going to cool it and start being more confident because "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh-darn it people like me!" - Stuart Smalley.


You, Me, San Francisco, Thursday.

Hey all, I'll be presenting at this trunk show...copy and pasting this from our community blog:

The wonderful perfumers featured in the Pacific Northwest Indie Fragrance Criterion will be onsite at San Francisco's Tigerlily Perfumery with their beautiful handcrafted perfumes! Come by to meet . . . 


Guests will enjoy perfume tribute cocktails and a 10% discount on all scents in the shop. For more information and to RSVP, go here. To learn more about the perfumers presenting, check out Sweet Anthem's 5 Questions interviews. Lastly, for a review of all featured scents, check out this write up on Australian Perfume Junkies.

Best in Salon at the Seattle Fragrance Salon!!!

I'm so excited! I love participating in shows because I love meeting people and talking perfume. It's the easiest and best way to get feedback as you can tell a lot from a person's facial expressions after a whiff of perfume. I decided to participate in the annual Seattle Fragrance Salon put on by TasteTv for two reasons 1. because I was 9 months pregnant last year and couldn't participate and 2. sounded like a fun way to get my name out there with other perfumers. I'm so glad I did, STA was awarded Best in Salon, Most Unique, Best Aroma, and Best New Product. *Puffs up chest* Hooray! I'm energized and ready to start on new perfumes (so many ideas) and hit the craft show circuit this summer. Thanks everyone for patronizing my shop! taste awards 2014

29! Discount! I Love Exclamation Points!!!

I turn 29 today (well in a few hours as of this writing, I didn't want to stay up til midnight). 28 was a great year for me - Sweet Tea Apothecary exploded thanks to Dead Writers, I regained my passion for writing and have been working on some great projects, and I had a little baby who is already cooler than I am (she has baby sunglasses and baby Toms shoes). As I did last year, I'm offering a discount corresponding with my age, 29% off; I think we can both agree that it will be in our best interests if I live to be 100 ;)

UPDATE:Etsy runs on Eastern time so please use my website link if you would like to take advantage.

Anyway, 29% off whatever you want now til April 25th. You can visit my website, or my Etsy shop, whatever you prefer. Just enter code STA29 at checkout. Just a heads up that any orders placed between now and Sunday, April 27 will not start shipping until Tuesday, April 29. (Yours may be after Tuesday depending on the number of orders placed and what place you are in line.) Why? Oh well that's because I get to go home to LA and be happy and warm in the sun and see all my friends and family and and and....THIS WEEKEND IS BABY FREE. I get to be a person for 3 whole days!!! I probably don't have enough time to go to Disneyland, but I might just do it BECAUSE I CAN.

Thank you all, truly, for being enthusiastic, supportive customers. I'm always working on things to improve my products because you all inspire me. I APPRECIATE YOU. I'm going to lay off the caps lock key now. G'nite.

PS. If anything you want says sold out, just comment here, on FB, or email me and I'll fix it for you. Sometimes when I have sales my quantities get maxed out and it takes forever to bulk re-do them. Also, if you're in Australia or somewhere else that's already in the future and you have trouble, let me know. You get a discount too!

What characters would you like to see?

Since we all know it takes me forever and a half to get new perfumes out (and I just released 5) we should probably start talking about what I'll release next. What literary and historical characters would you like to see? I have ideas for Hemingway, Violet McNeal (see my Drunk History Facebook post), and Dickens. I've also been thinking about releasing single note oils e.g. rose, Earl Grey, cucumber, etc. What do you think?

Gather 'round, it's history time for my new perfumes

Remember when I used to write about history? Probably not because it's been sooo long. Well, I'm about to fix that because I have 4 brand new perfume tributes to let you know about! Madame MoustacheA Perfumed Oil for Fancy Ladies & Gentlemen of Exceptional Quality

On the American Frontier you needed backbone and sheer wit to not only survive, but prosper. Eleonore Alphonsine Dumont, aka Madame Moustache, had both in stride. Originally born in France (at least that's what she claimed), Dumont was a notorious gambler hustling her way through mining camps and gambling houses in the West. She amassed a small fortune only to lose it all to a man of charm, but little substance. With dogged determination Dumont upped her gambling efforts and started her own gambling house "Vingt-et-un" (21) a saloon for stylish gents, no women, save for herself, allowed. Her charm made her the perfect, unassuming gambler, and with the addition of running a brothel, she found her fortune back in excess. When her beauty faded she became known as Madame Moustache, owing to a line of dark hair on her lip - which she wore with pride.

Madame Moustache Perfume Oil contains notes of tobacco pipe, vegan Egyptian musk, fire, and vanilla. This alluring scent is meant for fancy ladies and well kept gents, and smells like a warm campfire.

VIII: A Cologne Oil Worthy of Kingly Pursuits

Before he became the rotund, belligerent king of his twilight years, young King Henry VIII was a stylish youth deeply interested in the arts, education, sport, and was a devout Catholic called a Defender of the Faith by Pope Leo X. As the second son of Henry VII, he was never expected to become king, but when he did, he did so with lavish excess and cultivated an image of a Renaissance man. Henry VIII's obsession with producing a male heir (partly his own vanity, and partly a desire to avoid another War of the Roses) is what led to the two things he is widely known for: the English Reformation and his six wives.

England's most famous king had a soft spot for the finer things in life and was said to wear a concoction of ambergris and civet, two of the finest scents of the time. This cologne oil inspired by the illustrious Tudor has notes of ambergris, belladonna, clovebud, tobacco, bay leaf, fire, and Peru balsam.

Archibald MensiesA Cologne Oil for Explorers of Merit & Other Fearless Pursuits

Back in the 1700s there was still a large swath of Earth left unexplored, especially in the New World. Archibald Menzies was a Scottish surgeon who moonlighted as a botanist and naturalist. He was hired aboard George Vancouver's HMS Discovery that traveled around the world and is of particular note here in Seattle as they were some of the first to explore Puget Sound. Like Charles Darwin, who wasn't even born until 15 years after the Discovery expedition, Archibald Menzies documented plant life and cultivated seeds. He discovered the Douglas Fir and brought/planted orange seeds in Hawaii (still there to this day) for future ships stopping there to port (oranges helped with scurvy).

This cologne oil features blood orange, oak moss, Egyptian musk, tobacco, and fir. Dab some on your wrist and go exploring.

Beatrix PotterA Dead Writers Perfume

Beatrix Potter was the author and illustrator of the beloved children's story, The Tale of Peter Rabbit. She was born to a wealthy Victorian family and after summering in the Lake District as a child, she began her lifelong work as a naturalist and conservationist. Using the royalty money from the success of her book she bought Hill Top Farm and surrounding areas in an effort to keep the English countryside pristine.

In Peter Rabbit she wrote, “Peter was not very well during the evening. His mother put him to bed, and made some chamomile tea: "One table-spoonful to be taken at bedtime.” This perfume was created after reading these lines to my own child. Beatrix has notes of moss, blue spruce, dragon's blood, fire, earth, and chamomile. It has a wonderful green scent with the light floral of the chamomile headnote.

Let me know how you like them!

Writing, Writing, Writing

I have not yet started selling Pemberley and my three newest, Archibald, Madame Moustache, and VIII are sitting on the counter waiting for me to get it together. After all the baby's activities - music class, story time, and baby French class (yes I'm one of those people) - it's hard to concentrate on the perfumes when I've been so excited about writing again. It all started when I read a YA book over Christmas travels. The book hit a nerve with me because I have written two unfinished YAs and it got me's the time. Especially because my YA genre is still on the outskirts of what's popular but I definitely see the trend heading in its direction. I have three friends working on novels so I've been long distance workshopping with them. Not only that, but Seattle has a very strong writing community. I'm taking a class at Hugo House right now where I've met several really cool people with similar goals so hopefully more eyes to help me work out my manuscript's kinks.

The one I'm working on right now, was originally written in 2010 during Nanowrimo. I left it alone for a while because the subject matter was still very raw to me, but now that I've had some distance, this is the year I've decided to get it out there. It's a fairy tale - sort of Neil Gaiman hanging out with the Brothers Grimm type thing about a teenager on a journey to the underworld. I enjoy it. The other one I will edit when the first is complete is a steam punk story that grew out of a short story I wrote for the Machine of Death franchise. I didn't get in to my great sadness, but that's a good thing because the novel that came out of it's ashes is way cooler.

Anyway, perfume releases are on the horizon but taking a backseat to some creative endeavors I want to take on this year. The perfumes I talked about in the first paragraph will come out within the month but after that I won't be releasing anything new for a while.

My babies are going off to college

IMG_20140121_203249Well, not really. But there is a really prestigious organization giving out awards for independent perfumers. I'm sending my little beauties off into the world to be judged. Hopefully I'll be a finalist but even if not, I'm really proud that I've grown confident enough to even believe that my stuff is worthy of something like this. I was telling someone recently that I've never published any writing (other than my old music reviews) because I was too afraid people wouldn't like it or think it's good enough. I do that every day with my perfumes and sometimes I don't hear what I want to hear, but overall it's been positive. Here's to hoping something good comes of it all! **Dharma Bum & Lenore. They had to be perfumes launched last year and Dead Writers is from 2012. At first I was worried because DW is so popular...but I'm going to be honest, Dharma Bum runs circles around DW. It's 1000x more awesome.**

The Half Off Sale Hath Commenced

As promised all my perfumes are on sale for half off before I start using new bottles and labels (for all the writers and unisex options). There's a few solid perfumes left and about 18 bottles of 5ml Dead Writers. Also of note, all the bottles of Thoreau are the only ones available forevermore (you've been EAP'd). This is all happening in my Etsy shop as opposed to my regular website because it's easier to set up a sale on Etsy. Sample options will return to Etsy when the sale is over, however you can still get samples at Anywho, if you've been waiting for price drops, now's the time! Etsy Sale


Much like David Bowie who is essentially a phoenix constantly regenerating of his own ashes, my perfume shop is undergoing some changes. (That sentence came out way more melodramatic than anticipated. I also am not comparing myself to David Bowie, more to his phoenix-like qualities. I love you DB.) In bullet point form, for brevity (I'm incapable of brevity - written after proofreading), here they are:

dead writers new label sta

  • Dead Writers (and all the colognes that came in the square bottles) will no longer be in a 5ml size. The small size will be 8ml and it will have a roll on! Due to the shape of the new bottle, the labels are also changing. The photo is a prototype...I'll probably yellow up the paper. There will also be a back label that has a fun little blurb that killed at the Renegade Craft Fairs.
  • I'm going to offer 1 ounce (30ml) options! The bottle is not finalized yet because the one I had chosen I received reports from another perfumer that it has a leaking issue... but 1 ounce, man. It's happening.
  • A bit of sad face to all of you out there who enjoyed Thoreau. I've decided to discontinue it. I really love that one and it definitely has its audience, however, it doesn't sell frequently enough to warrant keeping it in stock. For anyone who enjoys that perfume, feel free to contact me about getting a bottle. As long as I have the ingredients, it's no problem made to order.
  • Pemberley! Pemberley! Pemberley! My newest perfume is an addition to the Dead Writers line. It is the long awaited Jane Austen scent inspired by Chatsworth House...the real life place thought to be the inspiration for Mr. Darcy's estate. This is a floral perfume that literally smells like the English countryside. I've been there, I can attest to this. I researched some of the plants and flowers they have in their gardens and chose ingredients based on that. I really think this perfume does a great job capturing the natural landscape around her as Lizzy took her turns about the gardens in Pride and Prejudice. It's going to be available on the site this week I just have to get my act together and set up its label.
  • Huge Perfume Sale! I would like to clear out all my stock before I start using new bottles. Dead Writers and the rest of the gang (including the last bottles of Thoreau) are going to be half off in my Etsy shop. This should begin on either January 6 or 7 depending when my stock arrives back from Los Angeles (USPS is not in my good graces these days). I'll post on Facebook and Twitter when it happens.
  • Upcoming changes: a new Men's cologne is in the works. It's really awesome, that's all I am going to say about it now. I may change the rest of the 5ml bottle options to 8ml but as before the cylinders will stay cylinders and the writers/unisex will be in the rectangular bottles. Further down the road I might separate the perfumes into more lines (Dead Writers, Fancy Ladies, Dashing Gents etc) because then everything can have its own fun branding like Dead Writers. I'm not hating, I love Dead Writers and am so proud of it, but I want to make sure that I'm evolving. I don't want to have a one perfume wonder or whatever that would be called.

That's it for now I think. My New Year's Resolutions are to spend more time creating new perfumes (last year was way too DW heavy), and I want to spend more time on my own writing. I don't think I've told you, but I have two novels stashed in the metaphorical drawer (computers don't have drawers). One has been sitting patiently for 3 years, the other, a year and a half. They are getting antsy. Hope everyone had a happy holiday season!

Off to LA!

I'm off to LA tomorrow to participate in my first Renegade Craft Fair! I'm pretty nervous as it's the largest I've participated in... and I'm following it up with the same show in San Francisco the week after because I'm crazy.

It's been a joy making perfumes for you and talking to you on here, Facebook, and via email. I hope you have an amazing holiday... and maybe I'll see some of you over the next two weeks?!


Renegade Los Angeles - Dec. 14 & 15; Booth 148 Renegade San Francisco - Dec. 21 & 22; Booth 241

Perfume Purge! 25% off in my Etsy Shop

I am hitting the road for craft shows and holiday travel. In the last week I've sold out of almost everything I had left. There's a few stragglers that haven't sold yet, and rather than let them collect dust while I'm gone (til January 5!), I'm offering 25% off! I've got a couple each of the following: Antoinette Boleyn Clara Dharma Bum Georgiana Victoria Maynard Pamplemousse Remy Thoreau

I'm closing shop on Tuesday, December 10 at 10am. Help me get rid of these before then! Click here for the sale.

EtsyRain Handmade Holiday Show Link Love

This weekend I participated in my second EtsyRain Handmade Holiday Show. I learned a lot last year and felt my display this year was much tighter, more professional...and pretty! I got so many great compliments on my display and on all my perfumes. The big sellers this year were Dead Writers (of course), Dharma Bum (I knew it would because it's one of my best), Lenore, Boleyn, Clara, and Pamplemousse. Pamplemousse and Clara were last year's favorites so I'm happy to see the newbies doing so well, means I'm evolving yay! Here's the display: sweet tea apothecary at etsyrain 2013

Now for my favorite vendors at the show! Please be sure to check out their shops, they are amazingly high quality and perfect for gifts...or for yourself.

Hasenpfeffer This shop was right next to me and all weekend, delighted children (and adults!) would literally run up and grab the toys off their ladder shelf and hug them. They make gorgeous, intricate dolls and other toys that are unique and interesting. There was one toy in particular that I loved and wanted for my baby but wasn't sure if I should splurge on it or not ($70). Every time someone picked this little guy up my heart would sink. I had to have him for my baby girl and I'm really glad I did. We named it Strawberry because it has little strawberries on it's handkerchief. Baby girl loves it!

claire and strawberry

Hammer and Paper I really wanted a gorgeous clock necklace from this shop, but it's the holidays so I didn't want to buy for myself. I'm definitely going to be back.

Deviant Decor This booth was across from me and she had all her pieces on a wall display. I'm going to order a custom one with a typewriter on it for my future booths...fits perfectly with Dead Writers.

StasiaB I just love Stasia B! She is an adorable, creative, and all around nice person. I traded some Dead Writers perfume for one of her t-shirts last year. I didn't get a chance to buy from her this year, but I'm going to purchase some of her art work for my baby girl's room. This in particular:

On to the perfumes!

Sweet Anthem Not only is Meredith the nicest person ever who routinely helps me with all sort of business topics, her perfumes are just amazing. When someone comes to my shop and doesn't find what they're looking for, I send them her way. This year her Fox perfume caught my eye (notice a trend?). This is from her familiars collection and it has black tea and wonder I liked it.

Sweet Anthem - Fox

Rebel and Mercury This shop makes 100% all natural perfumes and they are lovely. She also had a line of candles which looked so pretty on her display.

Rebel and Mercury Candles

There you have it! My favorite Etsy shops that presented this year. I'm going to be at Renegade LA and SF so I'll do posts for the shops I find there as well. Enjoy!

Smell Dead Writers & All My Other Perfumes This Holiday!

As many of you know, I've been moving at a snail's pace since my baby was born in May. Well I'm happy to announce that I've been feeling much better and have more energy so I'm going to be ramping up production again AND hitting the craft show circuit this winter! For any fans in Seattle, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, save yourself a step and stop by Sweet Tea Apothecary's booth to check out all my perfumes in person. I will be at the following shows selling perfumes and ready to chat:

Seattle EtsyRain - November 29 & 30

Renegade Los Angeles - December 14 & 15

Renegade San Francisco - December 21 & 22

I will try to make Renegade Brooklyn next summer for any East Coast fans out there. If you know of a good craft fair in your city, drop me a line. I'm always looking for new opportunities.

Wedding Perfume Packages

Wedding season is upon us! If you're between 25 and 35 you probably have about six that you're gearing up for over the next four months (if you're like me, two scheduled on the same day!). Anyway, I've received multiple requests for bridesmaid gift sets so I went ahead and made a few packages for all those planning weddings and are unsure what to get the lovely people in their wedding party. These packages have savings of up to 20% over buying items separately. There are three options: A Bride & Groom (same sex couples totally welcome!), a Bridesmaid, and a Groomsmen.

Bride & Groom - You crazy kids get a complete sample pack, two 15ml bottles of your choice, and two solid perfumes/colognes of your choice. $100

Bridesmaid - This package includes the following for each bridesmaid: a sample pack featuring my 8 feminine scents, a solid perfume or a perfume oil, or a combo that includes both solid and oil. The prices on this package depend on how many bridesmaids you have and what format you'll be getting them. These packages start at 3 bridesmaids and go up to 8. If you have more and want a quote, please feel free to contact me.

Groomsmen - This package includes the following for each groomsman: a sample pack featuring my 4 unisex/men's scents, a solid cologne or cologne oil, or a combo that includes both solid and oil. The prices on this package depend on how many groomsmen you have and what format you'll be getting them. These packages start at 3 groomsmen and go up to 8. If you have more and want a quote, please feel free to contact me.

Happy wedding!

Just a note about what's coming up

First off, thanks to everyone who has been checking out my new site! It's already been more successful than I could have hoped and the cost of starting it has already been paid off. So yay! If you haven't seen it yet, now is a good time because I have a 20% off sale going on until April 15. Just use code GrandOpening20 at checkout at Next. My baby is due next month!! I'm going to put my Etsy store on hiatus during that time. You will still be able to shop at but there could be a lag time of up to two weeks depending on how many orders I have and how I am feeling. I will put a big note about this on the site once I figure things out. I just bring this up because if you know that you want to buy something as a gift or you're thinking about getting bridesmaid gifts or whatever, make sure you do that by mid-May. Watch, just because I say all this the baby will be rude and not come til June. Fingers crossed for early.

Hope everyone's spring is nice and flowery!