Much like David Bowie who is essentially a phoenix constantly regenerating of his own ashes, my perfume shop is undergoing some changes. (That sentence came out way more melodramatic than anticipated. I also am not comparing myself to David Bowie, more to his phoenix-like qualities. I love you DB.) In bullet point form, for brevity (I'm incapable of brevity - written after proofreading), here they are:

dead writers new label sta

  • Dead Writers (and all the colognes that came in the square bottles) will no longer be in a 5ml size. The small size will be 8ml and it will have a roll on! Due to the shape of the new bottle, the labels are also changing. The photo is a prototype...I'll probably yellow up the paper. There will also be a back label that has a fun little blurb that killed at the Renegade Craft Fairs.
  • I'm going to offer 1 ounce (30ml) options! The bottle is not finalized yet because the one I had chosen I received reports from another perfumer that it has a leaking issue... but 1 ounce, man. It's happening.
  • A bit of sad face to all of you out there who enjoyed Thoreau. I've decided to discontinue it. I really love that one and it definitely has its audience, however, it doesn't sell frequently enough to warrant keeping it in stock. For anyone who enjoys that perfume, feel free to contact me about getting a bottle. As long as I have the ingredients, it's no problem made to order.
  • Pemberley! Pemberley! Pemberley! My newest perfume is an addition to the Dead Writers line. It is the long awaited Jane Austen scent inspired by Chatsworth House...the real life place thought to be the inspiration for Mr. Darcy's estate. This is a floral perfume that literally smells like the English countryside. I've been there, I can attest to this. I researched some of the plants and flowers they have in their gardens and chose ingredients based on that. I really think this perfume does a great job capturing the natural landscape around her as Lizzy took her turns about the gardens in Pride and Prejudice. It's going to be available on the site this week I just have to get my act together and set up its label.
  • Huge Perfume Sale! I would like to clear out all my stock before I start using new bottles. Dead Writers and the rest of the gang (including the last bottles of Thoreau) are going to be half off in my Etsy shop. This should begin on either January 6 or 7 depending when my stock arrives back from Los Angeles (USPS is not in my good graces these days). I'll post on Facebook and Twitter when it happens.
  • Upcoming changes: a new Men's cologne is in the works. It's really awesome, that's all I am going to say about it now. I may change the rest of the 5ml bottle options to 8ml but as before the cylinders will stay cylinders and the writers/unisex will be in the rectangular bottles. Further down the road I might separate the perfumes into more lines (Dead Writers, Fancy Ladies, Dashing Gents etc) because then everything can have its own fun branding like Dead Writers. I'm not hating, I love Dead Writers and am so proud of it, but I want to make sure that I'm evolving. I don't want to have a one perfume wonder or whatever that would be called.

That's it for now I think. My New Year's Resolutions are to spend more time creating new perfumes (last year was way too DW heavy), and I want to spend more time on my own writing. I don't think I've told you, but I have two novels stashed in the metaphorical drawer (computers don't have drawers). One has been sitting patiently for 3 years, the other, a year and a half. They are getting antsy. Hope everyone had a happy holiday season!