Sweetteaapothecary.com is here...and well...just look at it!

Today is the grand opening of sweetteaapothecary.com! Hooray! There are three super cool things going on right now to celebrate such as a discount code for 20% off, a giveaway, and three saucy new perfumes. Get in on the action, here. So what does this new site mean? A couple of things.

My Etsy shop is not going away, but I am going to be focusing more on sweetteaapothecary.com. Why? Because I have a lot more control over it, better features that make my life easier (and cool technology such as the giveaway!!). Etsy is rad, but I'm growing and need to stay with it. Other cool thing: with my new site, if something sells out you can pre-order it instead of having to check back 24/7. Technology!

This blog will still exist, but I am going to be migrating some of my old posts to the new site. I will also post less on here and more on the new site's blog. So if you're interested in following that one, you can RSS or bookmark. The link for the new blog is here.

If you're a regular customer, you may be wondering what the deal is with the new site's layout. So glad you asked, because I think it is far superior.

1. Sample packs come in collections now. I still have the "You pick 3" pack, but now I have the honest to God complete pack so you don't have to add or subtract anything if you're a perfume junkie. There are also different perfume sample packs that correspond with themes. So if you want Unisex/Men's, there's a pack for that. Historical Queens? Check out the Pomp & Circumstance sample pack. Only care for Dead Writers? The Dead Writers pack is extra awesome because it has two brand new perfumes!! Basically, there's a lot more pack options which will help minimize confusion on both the customer's end as well as mine, and will allow for me to make packs ahead of time so I can speed up processing times. Sample packs are still free to ship domestically (sorry international friends).

2. You no longer have to look in 5 different places to find each version of the perfume you want! Each perfume has one page that gives the perfume's details and story. There is a drop down for 5ml, 15ml, and Solid. AND THAT'S IT!!

3. You can sign up for newsletters so you know about all the sales, promotions and giveaways. Speaking of giveaways, if you've already checked out the link above, you know that we don't have to do a ghetto Etsy convo and maybe I still have something for you. The giveaways are now automated and winners will be notified via email. At that point you can give me your address and boom...I ship you your freebie. I also have the technology to do rewards programs...but baby steps on that one. I'm amazed I've gotten this much done. And before I forget, if you do sign up for the newsletter, I will only be sending them when stuff is going on. So if there's a sale, giveaway or new perfume being released, you'll get an email. I promise not to email you every time I have a thought. That's what Facebook is for as I'm sure those who follow have already figured out.

I think that's it for now. I've had a migraine all day and I'm up past my bed time so please forgive the rambling. Hope you like the new site, and even if you don't or you see something wrong...drop me a line. Feedback welcome :) Just not about my pictures. You guys know I'm terrible at photography. I had a meltdown about how much I suck at taking pictures today so I think considering, they turned out pretty ok enough.

Now I'm done. G'nite.