Huge Milestone...So Let's Give Stuff Away!!

sweet tea apothecary perfume giveawayMy Etsy shop says that it opened in March of 2012. That was when I opened the account, yes, but I didn't begin selling until July of that year. So here I am nine months later reaching a milestone I thought would take me YEARS to accomplish. My shop hit 1000 sales :O I'm still in shock. It's thanks to awesome repeat customers, people who decided to try perfume from the internet on a whim, and some random, much appreciated press I've received. To say thank you, I'd like to give away some bottles of perfume I've had at the ready. These bad boys have been bottled for five months...which means they smell ahhhhh-maaazing. They are the last bottles I have that feature the old they're like historic and stuff!!

Here's what I've got:

2 bottles of 15ml Remy

2  bottles of 15ml Antoinette

2 bottles of 15ml HRM Victoria

3 bottles of 5ml HRM Victoria

1 bottle of 10ml Thoreau

UPDATE: All the bottles have been claimed but I'll be doing another giveaway in the next two weeks for samples of the new girls Lenore & Boleyn as well as some other full bottles. There will be advance notice as I will post here, on FB, and Twitter in the days leading up to it.

That's 10 bottles of perfume to be given away!! If you'd like one, send me a convo on Etsy letting me know which you'd like and your address (only taking requests via Etsy so it's easier to keep track). It's first come, first served so if the one you want is no longer available, I'll let you know what the alternatives are. I will post updates to Facebook periodically. If you don't end up getting one, don't despair. The new website I'll be launching soon will have more giveaway opportunities.

Once again, THANK YOU!! Thank you for letting me run my own business doing something I love.