Sneak Peek at the New Website

This weekend I closed my shop to get caught up on orders, finally work on some new perfumes, and build a new website. Also, relax. It turns out I was a tad burnt out. Who knew averaging 300+ orders a month for 2 months while in the third trimester of pregnancy would be tiring? I KNOW NOW. Anyway, I feel loads better. And am really excited to show you a snippet of the new website. It's got scrolling pictures! It's got a fully integrated blog! It allows me to send newsletters! So many things!

sneak peak at new Sweet Tea Apothecary website

I've got all the nuts and bolts in place just have to figure out how shipping works and add in my products. Also, maybe jazz up that white background? IDK you can't see everything in this screenshot but whatever. I'll be launching soon, with new perfumes announced, so stay tuned.