I'm Not Really on Vacation

Nope. I am working round the clock right now to restock. I sold out of pretty much EVERYTHING today. Awesome for me, inconvenient for you. For which I apologize. Dead Writers was featured on Laughing Squid and io9 today and my shop exploded.

Here's a recap of what happened:

My husband and I were assembling a crib for our baby due in May. So domestic! Then all of a sudden our shouts of frustration at New Zealand pine wood that wasn't connecting correctly were interrupted by the sound of the Legend of Zelda (my ringtone) repeatedly. I was getting emails about sold orders. I had checked my phone at 12:30pm and had 150 views and 2 sales (typical slow day). At 1pm there were 800 views and 15 orders. I found the culprit to be Laughing Squid and thought, well alright. Makin monnnnaayyy. Two hours later the Legend of Zelda started assaulting my ears again because my friends informed me it made it to io9. At this point I put my phone on silent. The day ended with 8,000 views, 85 orders and wholesale inquiries.

NOT BAD! Anyway, I decided to put the shop on vacation so that I don't get completely overwhelmed. I'm a one person operation and 7.5 months pregnant so gotta be responsible. Normally I'd power through it, but I was already low on shipping materials and sample bottles. Hopefully I'll be back up in a few days and you can get your fix on some sweet, sweet Dead Writers. If you're new here, take a look around. I have tutorials on how to make perfume, historical awesomeness, text message conversations with my brother, and IMs with my husband. You know, interesting things.