Indie Gift Box, New Logo Design, & Other 2013 Goodness

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the discussion about my shop name! I had a minor freak out over whether I should keep the name or ditch it and pretty much everyone talked me off the cliff and I've decided to keep Sweet Tea Apothecary. I feel way more confident about it thanks to everyone's thank you! You are all awesome. So name firmly in place, I hired a graphic designer to come up with a new logo and new labels for all my bottles. I'm hoping to roll that out in the next month so stay tuned :)

Have you heard of Indie Gift Box? It's an adorable site in which they provide a box of samples and swag from various handmade shops on Etsy and beyond. I'm working on a wholesale order for them right now which will be featured in their March gift boxes. That is a perfume themed month so if you're a perfumista, make sure you check it out!

December was insanity (thus my last post being over a month ago). I sold probably 45-50 bottles of Dead Writers and many a locket and sample pack over the course of the holiday season. January has been slower but still regular business. In my first 5.5 months as a shop on Etsy I have made over 300 sales. WOW! For 2013 my main goal is to work on good branding and start marketing myself more to online magazines. I also want to introduce more perfumes and change up my stock. Plenty to keep me busy.

Speaking of busy, for regular readers, in case you haven't figured it out (I think I made it pretty obvious) I am pregnant and due in May. I'm not one to broadcast this sort of info but I want to bring this up because Sweet Tea Apothecary will be closed from May 1 through July 7. This is a ways off but just wanted to make sure my regular customers have plenty of notice.

I think that's it for now...can't wait to show off my new logo soon!