Simple Relationship Advice We Often Forget

This post is a little different from the fare I normally put up, but I think it's important just the same. One of the kindest women I know, and my mentor for the last five years, sent me the video I have posted below. The video features her partner, Martin Novell. Marty is one of the wisest men I've ever met, and he's so freaking funny I want to hire him to attend all my parties so that I look like I know cool people. Marty is a marriage and family therapist who has a booming practice in Los Angeles. In the past he has been a big help in making career goals (he worked as a counselor in the LA Unified School District and coached me on teaching career decisions). Now, he and my mentor Daina are collaborating on a book and video series all about helping couples in long term relationships and marriages keep the spark alive. In this video titled, 8 Seconds Can Save Your Marriage, his advice is simple and just goes to show you how easy it is to get wrapped up in yourself when you've been in a relationship long enough to get overly comfortable. I hope you'll check out his work and I will keep you posted for more videos and book updates from Marty and Daina. They really are lovely people and I'm so excited for them :) [youtube=]